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Dates & Deadlines 2024

Our festival is a celebration of storytelling in all its forms. We believe in the power of film to inspire, challenge, and transform. By submitting your film, you join a global community that values creativity and the art of cinema.

July 2024 Online Event

  • July 16 – 19, 2024: Online Screening Date

  • December 2024 Online Event

  • June 27, 2024: Opening Date

  • August 1, 2024: Regular Deadline

  • September 1, 2024: Late Deadline

  • October 1, 2024: Extended Deadline

  • October 12, 2024: Notification Date

  • December 12-15, 2024: Online Event Date

  • Our Short Film Festival Categories

    • Narrative Short Films

    • Narrative films are at the heart of our festival. From dramas to comedies, we celebrate the art of storytelling through compelling characters and plots. Submit your narrative short film and captivate our audience with your unique vision and storytelling prowess.

    • Horror Films

    • Scare and thrill audiences with your horror short film. We embrace the genre's ability to evoke intense emotions and deliver captivating stories. From supernatural to psychological horror, all styles are welcome.

    • Avant-Garde Films

    • Avant-Garde films that challenge traditional storytelling and cinematic conventions have a special place at our festival. We celebrate bold and unconventional approaches to filmmaking that provoke thought and push artistic boundaries.

    • Religious/Spiritual Films

    • Films that explore religious and spiritual themes are an integral part of our festival. We value diverse perspectives and stories that delve into faith, belief, and the human spirit.

    • Web Series

    • Short-form web series are a dynamic and growing genre. Submit your web series to reach an audience that appreciates episodic storytelling and innovative content.

    • Documentary Films

    • Our festival is a platform for powerful documentaries that inform, educate, and provoke thought. Whether your film covers social issues, personal stories, or historical events, we welcome documentaries that make a significant impact.

    • Experimental Films

    • Push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking with your experimental short film. We encourage filmmakers to explore new techniques and narratives, offering a space for innovation and artistic exploration.

    • Animation Films

    • Animation brings stories to life in unique and imaginative ways. Whether traditional hand-drawn or digital, we welcome animated short films that showcase creativity and technical skill.

    • Gay/Lesbian Films

    • We proudly support and showcase LGBTQ+ filmmakers and stories. Our festival is a platform for films that highlight the experiences and voices of the LGBTQ+ community, promoting understanding and inclusivity.

    • Films by Disabled Filmmakers

    • Our festival is committed to inclusivity and supports disabled filmmakers. We welcome films that reflect the experiences and perspectives of disabled individuals, celebrating their contributions to the art of cinema.