• DAY 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
Day 1 6PM to 7PM

Without Rhyme or Reason. Jazz D Miracle

A Bowl Full of Love, Ashrita Chavali

To Be a black girl in America, Deanna Griffin

Yasmin, Angie Guo

The Murder House, Vincent DiCostanzo

Ebony Hustle, Jamezz Hampton

7PMto 8PM

Rogue Seven, A Star Wars Fan Film, James Martinez

Kill Everybody In The Room, Roger Greene Jr

Room. Jacob Bellmore

Crepe Paper Thin, Cara Hagan 

Wonder, LeAnn Schmitt

8PM to 9PM

Corey, Steven St. Pierre

Model Citizen, Justin Cooper Harkinson

Mother FCKN Artist. John Thornton, II

Apt. 3A, Sheila’s Renninger

311, Rachel Bavaresco

The Icarian Fig Tree, Alex c Glaros

Day 2
Day 2 6PM to 7PM

Our Nappy Hair, Avila Yale Reuven 

40 Gestures to Remind you, Cara Hagan

First, Keema Mingo

7PM to 8PM

A Promise, Henrico Aleus 

A Recipe for Disaster, Rachel M. Caron

Food Apnea, Alex Nabors

Away In, Elo Durand, Dario Galizia 

8PM to 9PM

A Token of Love, Candace Smith

The Maroon Bomber, Joshua M. Thomas

Day 3
Day 3 6PM to 7PM

Hidden Secrets, Laura Robbins

Emancipation of Myia Coffi, Clifford O’Neil 

7PM to 8PM

Serge Hollerbach, A Russian Painter In New York, A’dora Phillips, Brian Schumacher.

Blessed, David Chai

Dancing In My Sadness, Casual Affairs(director)

8PM to 9PM

Beyond the Blue, Tanya Randall

Fine Thank You, Omar Derby

Dad-raphy Ep1. It was dads at first site, Rick Herrera, Alexandra Gutierrez.